Auburn Crane
About us

We Were established in 1996 as a small family business in Auburn, California.
Our No. 1 priority has always been our Customers.

We take special care of our equipment to provide the best possible service. Our drivers are highly experienced and CCO Certified.

As we continue to grow and aquire more equipment, we continue our family attidude. We will continue to do more to meet the needs of our customers, and hopefully establish new satisfied customers.

We appreciate your business and thank you!
Our small crane specs
  • 39ft. long
  • 8ft 6" wide
  • 12ft 6" tall
  • Outriggers extendS 25ft
  • Weight 50,000. lbs
Our large crane specs
  • 42ft long
  • 8ft 6" wide
  • 12ft 6" tall
  • Outriggers extendS24ft
  • Weight 79,500. lbs
Phone: (530) 885-0891 • FAX: 530 885-0840 • Contact us
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